Consign With Us

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 2020 consignment intake is on hold. Please contact us through our contact page if you wish to receive a message when we are accepting new inventory.


Want some return on your investment?

There are three ways to earn back a percentage on your Maternity and/or Nursing wear/products and contribute to the Slow Fashion Movement.

1) Consign for cash - For every item we sell you earn a percentage of the sale price. Consignment will be paid out monthly via e-transfer or pre-arranged pickup.

2) Consign for store credit - Not over having babies but over your wardrobe? Let us sell your stuff and select some new items by building up credit.

3) Sell for cash - If waiting for items to sell doesn't appeal to you, sell in bulk at a reduced rate and have all your items out the door in one go.

*PLEASE NOTE* We are currently only doing bulk purchase for select items due to a large intake of inventory. We can add you to a SELL ONLY list to be contacted once we resume bulk purchasing if you do not wish to consign or you may email us for a list of items we will pay cash for. 


The Consignment Process

Contact us to set up a pick up or drop off today.

We will come pick up your items or you can drop them off at our Charleswood headquarters in Winnipeg. Please ensure your clothing is clean and free of any pet hair or stains. Once the items have been sorted through and assessed you will be sent an itemized list of which items we would like to accept and the amounts offered for each item.

You will also receive a contract to be signed and emailed back to us. At this point, consignment or bulk purchase can proceed.

Any items deemed usable but not consign-able can be donated to at the initial time of consignment and/or after the initial consignment period has elapsed for consign-able items. We are currently looking for organizations to donate to. Please contact us if you know of an organization in need.


What items do you accept?

We are currently accepting all brands of maternity clothing and nursing products including but not limited to: pants, shirts, dresses, bras, belly supports, tights, fitness gear, sweaters, swimsuits, jackets etc.


How long do you keep my clothes?

The consignment period is currently set at 180 days with the option of sale prices after 90 days. The sale price is set by Ecomama and is not negotiable. 

If after 90 days you do not want your items to be listed on sale you can choose to come pick them up.

If you consent to the items being placed on sale they will be listed for another 90 days. At the end of the full 180 days you will be contacted as to whether you would like to donate your clothing or come pick it up.

Please note that not every piece of clothing we receive can be listed at the exact same time but we will do our best to get as much listed as possible within a reasonable time frame. 

As we are a new business we are bound to learn some things through trial and error so please feel free to address your concerns with us at any time.


What if you mix up my clothes with someone else's?

In some cases, we may carry multiples of the same items if they are high demand or basics such as tights or jeans. However, we assign a unique code to your account and each of your items when sorting them to ensure there are no mix ups.


Resale Rates

Each garment/product is inspected and assessed for quality. The general consignment rate is 30-60 percent of the original purchase price. Exceptions or a sliding scale up to 80 percent may be applied to new or like new items on a case by case basis.

Using 30 percent as a standard, the rates are broken down as follows:

Consignment for cash - 40% of resale value.

therefore: $20 = $8 to consignor

Consignment for store credit - 50% of resale value.

therefore: $20 =$10 to consignor

Bulk purchasing for cash - 30% of resale value.

therefore: $20 = $6 to seller.